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Optical Interconnects Conference 2013

General Submission Instructions

Please review your submission to make sure it adheres to the following guidelines.

Preparation of Abstract & Summary

Authors submitting papers to the 2013 IEEE OI Conference are required to submit a 2-page-limit summary, along with the completed online submission form beginning 3 December 2012 and no later than 25 January 2013 - 11:59pm ET.

  • Corresponding (or Contact) Authors: The author submitting the paper will automatically be designated the Corresponding Author (or Primary contact author) and receive all communications regarding the submission.

  • Online Submission Form: Authors are asked to provide vital pieces of information, including, but not limited to the paper title, category, authors and all authors' contact information. This information must be completed in its entirety. Failure to do so may inhibit your ability to successfully submit your research. It is your responsibility to submit all requested information correctly and completely.  This includes the required information for all currently known co-authors.


  • 35-Word Abstract

  • The Summary (PDF file format): The 2-page summary will be published in the Conference Proceedings if accepted. It must be submitted as a PDF file. The first page must begin with the title of the paper followed by the author's name, affiliation, and address. If charts, illustrations, or figures are used, they must fit within the two-page limit.

Important Information about Preparing your Paper in PDF
The Proceedings for this conference will be published in IEEE Xplore®, therefore the quality of your PDF file is important. The IEEE is dedicated to the worldwide distribution of conference papers to engineering professionals. This requires that all papers submitted for publication must meet a minimum standard for both print and electronic publishing.

  • Authors will have access to IEEE PDF eXpress™ to assist them in preparing suitable PDF files. Click the logo below for more information.

  • IEEE PDF eXpress™ is a free online service that will convert your source file to PDF from a number of different publishing platforms, or verify that the PDF you created meets the IEEE Xplore® specifications.

  • IEEE PDF eXpress™ is not a file submission system and does not capture files. Authors will still need to submit their verified file to this submission site.

Copyright Agreement

You will be able to sumbit your Copyright form electronically at the end of the submission process. Please remember to return to the Submission area after you have filled in the copyright information and click "Save and Complete" to confirm your submission.

You can still opt to send a signed copyright agreement form, it MUST be mailed to the IEEE PS office within 72 hours of paper submission. Write the corresponding author's last name in the upper left hand corner of the form and put the online submission assigned paper ID number in the upper right hand corner.

Download the Copyright Form here.

The address is:

IEEE Photonics Society
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ, 08854 USA

Acceptance of your submission to the 2013 IEEE OI Conference paper review process is contingent upon receipt of a completed copyright agreement form either via electronic or paper form in the Photonics Society office. Failure to provide a copyright form the form will result in an incomplete submission and subsequent exclusion for the review process.

Submission Information

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